Tailor-made Solutions
Implementation of Emotions-Based Strategy ♥ in your organization

Ad-hoc Experiential projects depending on the customer’s necessities.

Nowadays, in most sectors a de-differentiation situation is taking place, in which customers do not perceive any real difference between one brand or another. This leads inevitably to a war of prices which would be desirable to avoid so as not to sacrifice the profits margins.

On the other hand, we find that experiences, emotions and fascination with brands or their products result decisive in the selection of consumers. We have a unique opportunity to differ from our competitors through the creation of experiences which link our customers emotionally.

In EMO Insights we put our experience generating estrategies of innovation and our FEM methodology®  (Feelings Experience Management ®) at our customers‘ service so as to develop tailor-made solutions about:

  • Conceptualization, management and alchemy. Creation of experiences which represent a competitive advantage in the form of:

    • Distinguishing factor against other competitors.
    • Increase of the customer‘ satisfaction thanks to memorable experiences.
    • Source of generating fans of the brand.
  • Tailored Emotions ♥, definition of  an emotional management plan based on FEM methodology® (Feelings Experience Management®). It is about creating the proper conditions to generate specific emotions which trigger the behaviours aimed.
  • Turn-around projects. Cultural transformation inside the company to include emotions management to the value chain.
    • Advise on the definition of the annual strategic plan.
    • Staff and executives training.
    • Creation of protocols of internal use and other key documents.

Successful case: Experiences lab

  • Goal: take advantage of a multipurpose area in order to create an experiences lab on Customer Experience respecting its original function as an event room.
  • Solution: design and implementation of an “Experiences lab“ on the idea “Excellent company“ which is used as a CEM observatory.
  • Length: developing.

See succesfull case.

Other successful cases: Shopping mall.
Tailor-made solutions which transform We will make a thorough study of your organization’s necessities and will draw up a proposal to use Emo Insights‘ experience and knowledge at your disposal. Contact