Situation diagnosis
Perceptive study and prioritization of actions

Diagnosis of the emotional situation generated by the Company and prioritization of actions according to their impact on the business’ goals.

Emotional management is necessarily based on knowing how our organization is perceived and which emotions it is generating, how they affect the customer’s satisfaction and to what extent those emotions have an influence on their customers and potential customer’s behaviours. In short, this service provides an in-depth analysis of the emotional state of the organization.

This exercise of emotinal transformation can be carried out in other points in the value chain of the business, such as providers or even workers who made up the organization. Identify the experiences and emotions being generated in each stage of the proccess is a determining step in order to improve them, and have an effect on the final result in and decisive way.


  • Analysis of key experiences (Purchase process/procurement of services, customer’s service, actions for loyalty, advertisement) through FEM methodology®.
  • Approach aimed at detecting improvements and priorities of action with regard to emotional innovative through Emotions-Based Strategy ♥
  • Rigorous validation of conclusions by using research techniques.
  • Deepening in the causes and proposals for improvement.
  • Strategic plan sides with the business‘ goals.
  • Variables: Providers, members of the organization.

Succesful case: Distribution group

  • Caso de ExitoAim: Detection of opportunities of differentiation regarding competitors by using a deep study of the emotions generated by customers.
  • Solution: Perceptive study of the organization’s strengths at emotional level and proposal of actions so as to create a more favourable experience on customers.
  • Length: 2-5 months

See successful case

• Other successful cases: Sport Equipment, banking advertising


  • Etnografía emocionalEmotional Etnography. Detailed description of:
    • Emotions generated and their link to: organization values, customer’s satisfaction level and subsequent behaviours.
  • Métricas CEMCEM Metrics. Quantitative report with metrics reflecting the customers of the organization’s emotional state.
    • Analysis of the distribution of participants in opponents, fans, etc.
    • Analysis of the prevailing emotions among participants.
  • Emotional Customer Journey MapEmotional Customer Journey Map ♥. Descriptive study of the customer’s whole experience with regard to the organization.
    • • Detection of critical points of improvement.
    • Identification of positive and negative emotions.
    • Collection of significant testimonies coming from the field survey.
  • Mapa de posicionamiento emocionalEmotional positioning map regarding rivals in those factors which result decisive. It contains a SWOT Emotional Analysis ♥ (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats)

Benefits and applications

  • Detecting the emotions the organization is generating in order to manage them properly.
  • Identifying the competitive advantages of the organization so as to enlarge its visibility. Identify the market opportunities to take advantage of them.
  • Be aware of the weaknesses of the organization and the market threats to adopt improvement plans.
  • Optimization of the resources inside the organization.
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