Monitoring and follow-up
Study of emotions and prediction of future behaviours.

Monitoring and updating of the analysis and strategy. Establishment of the emotional measuring.

When it comes to take strategic decisions which affect the organization, is essential to have some verified and up-to-date information about every aspect affecting it. Being aware of what their customers are feeling is really useful to optimize resources, improving interal policies or implementing corrective actions.

EMO Insights offers a solution of monitoring and follow-up in which the measurements are extended in time and the evolution of the aspects assessed is analysed so as to find out trends and establish predictions for the future.

FEM tool  is the basis for the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data, which is complemented with consultancy aimed at the proposal of improvement actions.


  • FEM methodology®
  • Emotional measuring by using EMO Met ♥ system, developed by EMO Insights with scientific techniques of biosensorial measurement.
  • Information updated regularly.
  • Real-time access to information through FEM tool®
  • Predictive reports of customers and stakeholders‘ future behaviours.

Successful case: Bank

  • Caso de ExitoGoal: Predict customers‘ future behaviours and optimize loyalty and appeal actions.
  • Solution: Establishment of the system of emotional measurementl EMO Met ♥ and definition of and Emotional Management plan side with the business goals.
  • Length: 2-5 months.

See successfull case


  • FEM tool®. Interactive application with all the data in the study, with an interface which allows to filter data according to dates, geographic location and profile (gender,age).
  • Monthly report: emotional metrics of the customers. Emotional segmentation chart tailored by customer (Emo Cluster)
  • Quarterly report: detection of the emotional and rational improvement priorities of the customers based on the metrics.
  • Annual report: recommendations for action to differ and generate advantages on the basis of the emotions detected.

Benefits and applications

  • Improve policies and organizational decisions according to precise data.
  • Define corrective actions facing negative emotional states.
  • Optimize the expense on advertising campaigns acting on the customers with more favourable emotional states.
  • Offer metrics and realible and up-to-date emotional information for those departments dealing with customers: customer service, commercial department, IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Test the viability of new initiatives depending on the customers‘ emotional state.

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