Emotional Innovation
Implementation of improvements for emotional management

Proposal of implementation of improvements in the processes which impact on the customer’s emotional state in a key way.

Although assuming the  Emotions-Based Strategy philosophy is an organizational change which must necessarily involve a transformation at every level inside the company, great profits may be obtained with just light changes.

A good way of carrying it out is “attacking“ really specific aspects inside the organization so as to get quick wins which provide significant improvements and position us a closer step to a whole Emotional Management ♥ These improvement might involve a transformation at a physical level (Shop/office enviroment, packaging, staff’s clothing, etc.) or a the level of processes (language, non-verbal communication etc.).

Thanks to the deep knowledge we have gained along several years researching emotions, we are able to design experiences which tranform the customers‘ perception, arising positive emotions which contribute to business.

Benefits and applications

  • Enrich the customers‘ experience of use.
  • Improve the customers‘ emotional state and their expectations for the future.
  • Increase the perception of positive aspects which the organization arises on customers.
  • Differentiation regarding competitors to avoid competing with prices.
  • Encourage fans creation to guaratee the organization future.
  • Innovate and transform the business through Customer Experience and Emotional Management ♥.

Succesful case: Shopping mall

  • Goal: Renovation of design and differentiation from the rivals.
  • Solution: Proposal of redisigning the mall, with new customer-brand and customer-business interaction approaches.
  • Length: Conceptual design of completed.
Tailor-made solutions which transform 
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