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Emociones en el Sector Bancario 2014

emociones en el sector bancario 2014
emociones en el setor bancario 2014


About the Study

corazon 2014

New edition of the Study of Individual customers‘ emotions in the Banking Sector in Spain carried out by EMO insights, first class strategic consultants leading conceptualization, planning and management of emotional strategies.

The research addresses the Market’s current situation in the indivuals banking sector, link to the penetration of the different banks and the consumers‘ behaviours to emotions documented by thousands of customers‘ interviews about their main current bank and that one in the past.

Furthermore, the keys for the implementation of an emotional management strategy in the banks and other sectors being studied are established.

This study has been carried out from exclusive data collected along 2013. It analyses, in a deep way, the individual customers‘ emotions in the banking sector in Spain through its different banks (Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankia, Banco Sabadell, Banco Popular, Banesto, Kutxabank, ING Direct, Bankinter, Barclays, NCG Banco, etc.).



Below, we offer you a sample of some press coverage and digital media of briefing notes on the launching of the Study:

Launching Event


We would like to thank all the participants their attendance to the Launching of the Study which took place at Hotel Urban in Madrid last 9th October.

Technical File

Date of publication:
October 2013
Number of pages:
Printed: landscape, "weiro" binding. Deluxed box edition.
Digital. PDF including Index of chapters+videos and additional images.
5.500€ + IVA
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Conditions for purchasing the study:

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