Feelings Experience Management®

FEM Methodology®

FEM methodology® allows to quantify and break down the impact of each emotion when explaining the customer’s satisfaction and his future behaviours.

This methodology means, on the one hand, the revision, analysis and selection of the best traditional research practices used in the detection of improvement priorities.

On the other hand, new advances and innovative solutions coming from other fields which have become part of the qualitative and quantitative research have been added: implementation of the Psychology world, technology coming from biomedicine and neuromarketing (attention meter gadgets, galvanometers), predictive inferences derived from complex mathematical models, etc.

Benefits from FEM methodology®

The ultimate aim of FEM Methodology® is helping companies take decisions in order to manage their customers emotionally (Emotions-Based Strategy) and get both tangible and intangible profits as a result.

  • Advice on conceptual definition of emotional business goals.
  • Individualized Emotional classification of the customers: fans, detractors, opponents…
  • Adaptation and response according to the customers’ emotional segmentation.
  • Evolution in time: link between the emotional state and the customers’ real experiences and behaviours.
  • Detection of emotional moments of truth in the customer’s experience, and its link with positive and negative emotions.
  • Internal and external Benchmark which allows the detection of emotional positioning niches.
  • Simple and intuitive management by balanced scoreboards. Data is integrated in an interface which allows its enquiry and classification.