Emotions-Based Strategy

“There’s no decision making without emotions” (E. Alfaro). That is to say, there is an emotion behind any behaviour.

More than 80% of the decisions are emotional ones

Both in the personal and professional worlds, more than 80% of the decisions are emotional ones. Emotions are not only and additional factor to reason and to cost-profit analysis but they are the final boost which a decision needs to be taken.

Nevertheless, emotions are not usually taken into account when it comes to plan the strategy in organizations, although stakeholders (employees, providers,partners, etc.) are people and, therefore, they generate emotions.

Making experiences which trigger behaviours

Emotions-Based Strategy  consists of making experiences and correct perceptions so as to arise in customers and stakeholders those valuable emotions for the organization. From EMO Insights we support those strategies on rigorous and disruptive research in order to detect, measure and classify the emotions being generated.

Thanks to FEM® methodology  (Feelings Experience Management®), EMO Insights is able to establish an effect-emotion cause which allows to link individual’s personal experiences to the emotions those provoke and their subsequent behaviours.

  • Future behaviour prediction from the diagnosis of the customers‘ emotional universe.
  • Prescription of the triggers which should be implemented so as to let unleash the target behaviours.
  • Detection and classification of the critical situations in emotional matters which is neccesary to carry out to protect business‘ interests.

The value chain

In EMO Insights we work with transforming projects (“Turn-around Projects”) which add innovative emotional policies to our customers‘ organizations in order to redraw the business model at the level of:

  • Customer Experience Transformation.
    Customers’ own experiences condition their decisions. Correcting frustration or mistrust emotions has evident effects on their satisfaction with the experience and their loyalty to the products and organization’s services.
  • Employee Experience Transformation.
    Deep inside, emotions are key when it comes to productivity and quality. It is essential to establish emotional management policies and undertake internal projects of increasing staff’s awareness and training in terms of emotional strategy.
  • Managing Suppliers Emotional Experience.
    The whole transformation must be spread out to other stakeholders, external to the organization such as suppliers and distributors. Their level of loyalty and their feelings towards the organization are also decisive.
Tailor-made solutions which transform
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