Customer Experience

What do we mean by customer’s experience?

There are lots of concepts associated with Customer Experience Management discipline and there is also a great deal of confusion about it regarding both within and outside the organizations: Customer Experience, Experiential Marketing, Emotional Management…

Nowdays, most companies have incorporated policies to manage the customer’s experience in those processes where there is a direct contact, such as the call center, social networks, advertisement or the corporate webpage.

Other companies go beyond  and take care of the customer’s satisfaction with policies aimed at managing experiences –good and bad ones- and the opinions the customers give about the brand, affecting its reputation and, therefore, its future expectations.

However, there is a third level which is traditionally left out of Customer Experience despite having a decisive impact on business: Emotional Management ♥. We must bear in mind that people are emotinal beings as well as rational ones, and that feelings have a decisive influence over any decision we take.

CEM understood beyond experience of use

In Emo Insights we understand the concept Customer Experience from a cross-cutting approach which includes these three levels (use/expectations/experience). And, among them, we develop mainly the last section: the one related to experiences and emotions, the emotional side of the experience.

We help companies to transform their view so as to define business models based on strategies grounded on making transforming experiences on people. Creating unique and unforgettable experiences as a vehicle to develop emotional links at every level: customers, workers, providers…

It is a new way of understanding management based upon emotions: Emotions-Based Strategy

This is the way we innovate through CEM: three recent examples

  • We have advised an important bank on the develpment and implementation of an emotional strategy focused on customers. In doing that, we provided them with our FEM® methodology so as to turn the emotions they felt into tangible data and we established the steps to arise those emotions which were valuable for business.
  • We have made a disruptive approach of a shopping mall for a large store, reinventing the customer-shop and the customer-brand relationship with sensorial experiencies entirely new in the sector.
  • We have helped one of our customers to reduce its advertisement investement and optimize the impact of its campaigns by using emotional criteria based on neuroscientific measurement.

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