The Company

Emo Insights. Feelings Experience ManagementEMO Insights was born in 2010 out of the vocation of focussing on the emotional side. It was founded by a group of highly motivated professionals with the idea of becoming a reference in the strategic consultancy sector and develop brand new methodologies at that time.

Our passionTransform the companies‘ business model by adding emotions and intangibles to the management at every level and groups of interest or stakeholders (customers, providers, staff, stockholders, consultants, distributors, etc.), as well as translate and make their results tangible through their turning into physical and economic results, in a format of balanced scoreboard which allows the taking of decisions and implementation of actions for their improvement.

The origin of the brand name

They are two words which define our identity signs. On the one hand, “EMO”, as a reference of the company’s focus on the world of emotions in companies. Etymologically, the term ‘emotion‘ comes from Latin “emotĭo”, which means «movement or impulse». In Psychology it is defined as

That feeling or perception of the elements and relationship of reality and imagination, which is expressed physically through some physiological functions such as facial reactions or heartbeat, and includes reactions of behaviour like aggressiveness or crying.

Emotions are a subject of study in Psychology, neurosciences, and recently, Artifical Intelligence.

As for the word “Insights”. It is a colloquial term coming from English which began to acquire the shape and own meaning of a theoric concept widely used in psychology and psyquiatry.

The Oxford English dictionary defines “Insights” as “the ability to see and understand the truth about people or situations” (The Oxford English Dictionary). The implicit definition in the word is deduced after splitting the word in the prefix “in”, meaning “inside, internal” and the suffix “sight” which means “vision, see”.


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