Our Team

EMO Insights analyzes, values and selects the best existent methodologies for each project so as to cover the customer’s specific necessities and transform its environment. In doing so, it has established relationships with well-known researches and universities which make sure the technique used best fits each analysis: University of La Sapienza in Rome, Radboud University Nijmegen, Essec School of Business, HEC Paris, McGill University, IE Business School, University of Seville, University Carlos III of Madrid, University of Alcalá de Henares, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Beihang University and the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan is among them..

The professionals which make up EMO Insights come from different disciplines (marketing, engineering, psychology, mathematics, statistics, communication, neurosciences, designers, trends, exhibition designing, etc) with clear orientation to innovation. The focus of EMO Insights is the understanding that one of the big contributions of the Customer Experience is to bring the boundaries between disciplines to an end. Until recently, the valuable thing in a professional profile was the specialization, nowadays, the value lays in the relationship among the different specialties.