• Renting


    Creación de una marca emocional para una empresa de renting tomando como base oportunidades detectadas en una Emotional Diagnosis 360º

  • Telecommunications


    Desarrollo de un linkage model para medir el impacto económico de las percepciones de los empleados en los clientes, y el ROI de invertir en Employee Experience.

  • Electricity Sector

    Sector Eléctrico

  • Professional Event

    Evento Profesional

    Creation of a new format 100% Experiential for a Professional Conference aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • Bank Branch

    Sucursal Bancaria

    Study of Emotional Customer Journey of the customers in the current bank branches and creation of a brand new office model.

  • Natural Parks

    Caso de Éxito Parques Naturales

    Transformational proposal of an experiential hotel based on a research with a multidiscipline team of experts.

  • Shopping Mall

    Centro Comercial

    Design a new concept of shopping experience where consumers can see, hear, taste, touch and feel the brands.

  • Retail


    Detection of problems in the company-distributor relationship and strategic plan to transform the relationship with the Brand through quick-wins.

  • Experiences Lab

    Laboratorio de Experiencias

    Design and implementation of an “Experiences lab“ on the idea “Excellent company“ which is used as a CEM observatory.

  • Distribution Group

    Caso de Éxito - Grupo de Distribución

    Perceptive study of the organization’s strengths at emotional level and proposal of actions so as to create a more favourable experience on customers.

  • Bank

    Caso de Éxito - Entidad Bancaria

    Establishment of the emotional measuring system EMO Met ♥ and definition of an emotional management plan side with the business goals.

  • Advertising


    Implementation of our methodology so as to analyze the emotional effectiveness of an advertising campaign in order to optimize expense.

  • Public Sector

    Case Study Sector Público