Elena Alfaro


Elena is the partner responsible for the discipline of companies transformation (Turn-around Projects) based on the customer’s experience and its emotional management.

She has an extensive career in the world of the advertising, consultancy and research, what has allowed her to carry out projects for more than a thirty of companies belonging to different sectors (industrial, pharmacy, transport, automotive industry, insurance, consumption, banking, distribution and public sector).

Nowadays, she is CEO & Partner of EMO Insights, leader company in Customer Experience, Experiential Marketing and Emotional Management. Previously, she worked for the professor of the University of Michigan Claes Fornell in CFI Group, awarded in 2008 as the most influential person reagarding quality and marketing worldwide by INFORMS. This firm is known as the precursor company of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in United States.

Among other qualificatons, she is a Doctor in Marketing by University Complutense of Madrid, Cum Laude awarded unanimously. This project was selected among more than six hundred works in the world to be exposed in Campus of Excellence 2007, in front of Nobel Prizes of different fields.

Recently, she has been distinguished as “Top Ten Management Spain”, community which gathers the best experts in each area of the company, having valued her career as a lecturer both nationally and internationally.

Elena Alfaro with Edmond Henri FischerShe is author of the best-known publications about the discipline of Customer Experience in Spanish. She is also a consultant for ‘Espacio Empresa’ in the Spanish Television and she writes blogs, articles and training material, being linked to well-regarded business schools such as IE Business School and ESIC Business School.